Be Good to Your Heart 
& Enjoy a Fresh Cup of Tea!

Welcome to your online retreat for excellent teas & tisanes that are prepared to encourage relaxation and wellness.  We blend in small batches to always ensure freshness. As our guest, please browse through our offerings fashioned to make it simple to enjoy the many benefits of tea without sacrificing quality for convenience.

We offer an excellent variety of heart healthy fresh
blends made with teas, herbals and dried fruits ready to brew!
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Our products come from suppliers with excellent track records of
 fair treatment for all workers.


Tea Time
Family Playing in Snow 
Enjoy the great outdoors!  
  A playful afternoon walk can go a long way toward giving you a boost of energy each day!
  Taking tea after exercise is a perfect compliment to your healthy lifestyle.

Help others help themselves!

SenTEAmental Moods supports the importance of volunteering our time and resources to help America.  If you are not currently serving with an organized effort to help your community, click here or hereIf you are already committed, please take the time to encourage those who are not to do so.